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Trusted Heat Exchanger for F-35

F-35 Heat Exchanger

Since 1976, G & J Steel & Tubing, Inc. has been providing precision manufacturing services for customers in the defense and aerospace industries. These industries demand extreme quality, and have put their trust in our ability to deliver products that exceed their expectations for quality and consistency.

In this project, we manufactured a critical component for a high profile military system, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This aircraft is the pinnacle of aviation technology, and requires an elevated level of quality. We were tasked with manufacturing a heat exchanger that would be used in a camera assembly. Composed of 321 stainless steel; it consisted of four individually bent tubes, formed into a unique profile. Unfortunately, due to the dimensions and tolerances, there was no equipment on the market that could provide the capabilities that we needed.

The manufacturing process called for bending, flattening, and welding, all of which had to fit into a profile gauge that allowed for only ±.030″ of clearance. To meet all of these requirements we first had to design a tube bender and flattening fixture that could flatten on two individual planes. At the same time we developed a checking fixture so the customer could perform their final inspection.

Another challenge was orbital welding, since its use was a first for us, we had to become experts quickly, and then develop a system that would deliver the quality and consistency that the project required, as well as getting our welders certified in its use. Since this project required 100% inspection, we also had to build robust pressure test equipment to ensure the integrity of each assembly. In the end the project was and is a success, we currently manufacture 1500 units annually in batches that are turned over in just 4 weeks.

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Project Name & DescriptionHeat Exchanger for F-35 Camera
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesDesign engineering to build a dedicated bender
Design engineering to develop and build flattening tools
Design and build pressure testing equipment
Orbital Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartG&J designed and built bender
Press for flattening
Orbital welding machine
Pressure testing
Material UsedSS type 304
Industry for UseAerospace, Defense
In Process Testing/Inspection PerformedPressure testing of coils
100% inspection of each part to fixture
VolumeUp to 1500 per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time4 weeks
Standards MetWelding process, and welder, certified to AWS 17.1

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