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Top-Quality Tube Cutoff Services

Tube Cutoff

G & J Steel & Tubing, Inc. is one of the few companies to use Shear-Form® tube cutoff, which uses extremely high-speed cutting to produce burr-free and very accurate cuts. We use Shear-Form® tube cutoff for tight OD/ID tolerance, small diameter, high volume cutting or when precision is crucial to our customer’s application.

In addition to our proprietary Shear-Form® technology, G & J Steel & Tubing Inc. has several different methods for tube cutoff, including: Electrolytic, Cold Saw, Abrasive, Rotary and Lathe Style. Our wide range of machines give us the flexibility to cut any tube to any length. We can work with all metals and we can do any batch size, from limited runs to production batches. We will work with your engineering department to produce the best quality parts, tightest tolerance, at the lowest cost with a quick turnaround.

Cut parts can be chamfered, brush or tumble deburred as required by customer application.


Outside Diameter0.01 to 3.00 Inch
Wall Thickness0.004 to 0.125
Workable MaterialsAluminum
Carbon Steel
Cu Ni
Nickel & Ni Alloys
Stainless Steel
Workpiece TypeParts can be cut from Straight Lengths or Coils
Tolerance± .005 Standard
Tighter tolerance available upon request
Production RateUp to 10,000 pieces/hour
Production Rate VariablesProduction rate based upon OD, wall, length of blank and cutting method
CleanlinessCutting oil may need to be removed
LengthAny required length
CommentMay be able to perform end forming operations at the same time
Everrite Electrolytic ECG Saw
Automated Cold Saw
Abrasive Saw
Rotary – Score & Break
Industries ServedAerospace & Aircraft
Air Compressor
Air Conditioner
Gas & Appliance
Heat Exchanger
Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)
Quality AssuranceUp to Cpk 2.0

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