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Quality Tubular Assembly Services

Tubular Assembly

G & J Steel & Tubing, Inc. can build custom assemblies to customer requirements. In addition to fabricating the parts in our machine shop, we offer such assembly services as MiG welding, TiG welding, laser welding and brazing. Welding and brazing services are performed in-house. For services requiring furnace processing and laser welding we use highly qualified and certified sub-contract vendors.

Testing services are available for all assembled products including pressure/leak testing, mechanical, tensile, hardness and chemical property testing.

We can also install fastening hardware (tube fittings, flare nuts and sleeves) and custom mounting hardware (brackets and fittings) using many methods including riveting, mechanical locking, gluing or welding. Some example applications include burner assemblies and gas line assemblies.

G & J Steel & Tubing was the developer of a proprietary, patent-pending design for a pilot tube and pilot fitting assembly that was superior to the industry standard in terms of reliability and ease of insertion, and was less costly. The design is still widely used in the Gas & Appliance industry.


Welding ServicesAutomated Rotary Weld Cell
Brazing – hand held and rotary torch tables
Laser Welding
MiG/TiG Weld
Testing ServicesChemical Properties Testing
Mechanical Properties Testing
Pneumatic Leak Testing
Pressure Testing
Punch Press ServicesGroove End Form
Holes Punched
Notch End Form
Assembly ServicesAssembly can include any caps, sleeves, heat shrink wrap, etc
Fittings can be assembled using compression fitting, flare-nut fitting, welding or threading
Mechanical locking includes bead locking, swaging of two parts, dimpling and press fit
Machining ServicesMilling
Holes Drilled
Hose Barb End Form
OD Turning End Form
Chamfer End Form
Workable MaterialsAluminum
Carbon Steel
Cu Ni
Nickel & Ni Alloys
Stainless Steel
Titanium (Press Only)
CommentAll miscellaneous machining services available
EquipmentAutomated Rotary Weld Cell
End form machines
Hydraulic Press
MiG/TiG Weld
Pneumatic Press
Industries ServedAerospace & Aircraft
Air Compressor & Air Conditioning
Gas & Appliance
Heat Exchanger
Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)

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